Marquardt International Pinhole - What's In The Box?

Hand-made in Germany
The first ten Marquardt International Pinhole Cameras have the following in common:

The MIP body, the pinhole holder and tripod attachment, the film holder attachment system and the attachment straps are all custom-made in Germany by German craftsmen (and one German craftswoman).

The pinhole itself is a US-made high-precision laser-drilled copper foil pinhole embedded in an aluminium disk. It's the best, thinnest and most precise pinhole we could source.

Each MIP of the initial run of ten comes packaged inside a sturdy custom wooden transport case that's almost as intricate to make as the MIP itself. The transport case holds the camera plus several standard film holders and can also be used as a display case. It also features a hidden compartment with more small accessories.

Also included in the first-run MIPs is an online workshop (via Google Hangout) to give you a head-start, show you all you need to know to be successful with the camera and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

MIP Specifications

Body Material: Wood / MDF (black)
Oiled, waxed, polished. Only natural oils and waxes used. Comes with wax and polishing cloth.
Film Format: 4x5"
Film Holder: 2-sided 4x5" film holder included*
Focal Length: 65mm
0.3mm (can be easily swapped out for other sizes and types, such as zone plates or photon sieves)
Pinhole holder: Custom, anodized aluminium, fits up to 2cm diameter pinhole disks, including ¾" pinhole disks. Laser engraved logo. Custom-made screw-in mechanism from camera inside.
Tripod thread: Custom, anodized aluminium, standard " thread (comes with " to ¼" thread adapter)
Film Holder Attachment: Anodized aluminium, Custom strap system with leather tips, designed to fit most international 4x5" backs. Tested with regular film holders, grafmatic holders, 405 polaroid holders and roll film backs.
Price: International price is € 1100 plus shipping. German price is € 1200 plus shipping, including 19% MwSt. The MIP ships international.